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Our biocide offer broad range of microorganism control in formulated oils, these biocides are biodegradable and thus environmental safe. It keeps the circulating fluid uniform in consistency, free flowing and free of foul odor.

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Product Name
Microcheck MZ K3
A preservative formulation meant to meet the challenges faced by extremely dynamic system of Metal Working Fluids. Designed by carrying out Mathematical Modelling on the average fluid-dynamics and then formulated. Innovative contributions by Melzer.
Microtreat MZ 3W
It is a tank-side preservative for pretreatment of Process Water used for diluting Metal Working Fluids. It enhances the life of the diluted MWF through prevention of microbial growth. Controlled toxicity and high safety.
Microtreat MZ TR
It is a formaldehyde-donating compound for treating circulating fluids. It has broad spectrum activity against microorganisms including fungi. A conventional extra stabilised additive whose extended performance is considered by static evaluations though its actual usage in extremely dynamic system.
  Innovative formulation Development
  Exterior paint protection
  Presentation - Novel Biocide II Conference, Berlin.
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