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We preserve aqueous based Adhesives, Inks and Art material from spoilage by Microbial growth.

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Product Name
Microcheck MZ 36
Mixture of CMI and MI
Most reliable anti-microbial with least presence of generally associated toxins. Stabilized to suit varying usage-conditions.
Microcheck MZ BT20
A preservative of choice for many application areas being offered since 2003 with latest technical advances.
Microcheck MZ ISD
CMI and MI and stabilized formaldehyde donors.
An absolutely must preservative for products facing high ambient temperature cycles during storage.
Microcheck MZ 408
Formulation of CIM and MI and Bronopol
A preservative for special purpose products requiring high dilution before usage.
Microcheck MZ 3H
CMI and MI and stabilized formaldehyde donors.
An integration of quick action and headspace protector.
  Innovative formulation Development
  Exterior paint protection
  Presentation - Novel Biocide II Conference, Berlin.
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