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About Us
Melzer Chemicals Private Ltd.,establish in the year 1999, popularly recognized throughout the World as MELZER, a Specialty Chemicals manufacturer located at Pune, Maharashtra and operating from multiple locations, has crafted a distinguishing name in Biocide Industry. We manufacture a range of biocides or preservatives meant for usage in almost all applications in industrial and household products and meet the requirements of these clients; also of the users who make formulations of biocides for circulating waters; as well we manufacture specialized treatment polymers for the latter as also for other applications. Apart from these, Melzer also has a few specialized products for usage in Oil and Gas sector and pharma companies. Today, Melzer enjoys significant global recognition on the products, high safety standards achieved on them and ever-extending technology packets that are made available to customers by our team.

Needless to say, Melzer’s strength lies in total control on products, as also innovative research in application-development of biocides; and extending the technical and application usage service through own efforts. Our asset is human resource, and tools are state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supported by modern laboratories. Our greatest appreciation is towards the Nature. Our motivation is from every existing microorganism and our ties are the relationship with everyone.

Corporate Values and Vision
Melzer views and believes that by following a quality system, the customers will derive more benefits against their money’s worth by usage of Melzer products, that will establish and maintain Melzer’s significant presence in competitive global business, the employees and associates of Melzer will derive great satisfaction and carry pride while working with Melzer. It is further thought that the society at large will derive long term benefits from Melzer’s continuing efforts on establishing higher controls on unknown toxicity originating from unknown impurities; the latter are often seen associated with similar products. (Even though, there is low awareness in society about such unknown toxicity reaching a common man from uncontrolled products available in market, Melzer is putting the best efforts to ensure the safety of all direct and indirect users of biocides by controlling the unwanted impurities responsible for the unknown toxicity.)

Melzer is always conscious to create the best Sustainability from the operations, which will take care of human and the Nature.

These corporate views have been set as ‘Vision’ to every member of Melzer (but as is appropriate to his work content) to enable him to achieve his goal by co-ordinate team efforts towards the fulfillment. It became operative Philosophy.

In the course on this journey, within short time, Melzer made a few original contributions in this field, which made our customers happy; and Melzer holds modest pride on it.

Melzer’s Vision therefore led to the program for minimizing the biocide consumption at customers’ ends by way of right usage of worthy materials offered by Melzer. Melzer thinks that it would avoid the most likely threat to overall Sustainability of human race on account of currently continuing somewhat excessive usages of some materials as biocide; which too seems to happen in anticipation of desired performance by adapting to use higher dosages

Melzer meets the complex requirements on biocides/preservatives in applications areas such as water treatment and cooling tower maintenance, for usage in manufacturing paper, for wood protection, in dairy, poultry, food industries for disinfection and controls, or in the decorative and protective industrial operations like paints, inks, adhesives, electroplating, or fashion and essential industry like cosmetics, leather and textiles; or the supportive like starch and gums, ceramics, minerals and mines; and oils and oil explorations; or the business activates like cold storage, or for recreational activities like swimming and in hygienic care for human health.

People Oriented Winning Culture
Melzer has been people-oriented Organization, pursuing the success of employees as well as clients. In Melzer, having coupled talent with hard-work, everyone reaches to higher and higher progression. Melzer provides a challenging yet friendly atmosphere that contributes to everyone’s’ performance as a member of team.

Melzer strongly believes and works so that customers too achieve their goals earlier with the supportive role of Melzer team.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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  Presentation - Novel Biocide II Conference, Berlin.
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